Budapest Segway FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Segway tours in Budapest, Hungary. Find answers to your questions, or write a comment for a new question.

Where is the Meeting Point of the Budapest Segway Tour?

Your Budapest Segway Tour will mostly start from the Segway Office in District VI, at the following address: Address: 16 Lazar Street, District VI, Budapest H-1065, Hungary However, some of the tours may leave from alternative starting points, for instance, the Buda Castle Segway Tour, which has its own departure point in the Castle area, […]

Booking a Budapest Segway Tour with Deposit

Is it possible to book a Budapest Segway Tour with paying a deposit in advance? Yes, in case of a private Segway Tour, you can make a valid booking by paying a deposit only, rather the full tour fee. In case of a Private Segway Tour, 30% of the total fee must be paid in […]

Is Segway Legal in Hungary?

Is Segway legal in Hungary? Yes, in Hungary, Segways can be legally used on footpaths and/or roads, tracks and trails, and public spaces. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, so driving Segways is completely legal in Hungary. The good news is that having a driving licence is not necessary. You may participate in the […]

Weather Conditions of Segway Tours

How can the weather effect the Budapest Segway Tours? It doesn’t matter if it rains or shines, Budapest Segway Tours go in all weather conditions, every day of the year. (Exceptions: there are no Segway Tours on the following dates: Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26, Jan 1). There is no special dress code on […]

History of Segway

Segway became a very popular form of personal mobility transportation vehicle since its invention in 1999. Nowadays it is widely used for many businesses, airports and office buildings as well as in tourism, as a fun way of travelling in sightseeing tours or in off-road rides.

Age, height and weight restrictions

Are there age, height or weight restrictions to participate in a Segway Tour in Budapest? Yes, there are some requirements that all Budapest Segway Tour participants have to meet. Age The minimum age is 10 years to participate in a Budapest Segway Tour. Weight Segway riders’ weight must be at least of 90 lbs / […]

Budapest Segway Tour Gift Voucher – Book a Date

I have a Gift Voucher for a Budapest Segway Tour. How do I book the date? If you have received a Gift Voucher for a Segway Tour in Budapest, please forward your original confirmation to approx. 2 or 3 weeks before your planned tour date to let us know which day exactly you are […]

First Time on a Segway in Budapest

This will be my first time on Segway Tour. Are Segways easy to ride? Segways are actually surprisingly easy to ride. If you stand in an upright position with straight back, the Segway will stand (or stop if you have been moving with the Segway). If you slightly lean forward, the Segway will move forward. […]

Liability Waiver at Budapest Segway Tours

Do I need to sign anything before the Budapest Segway Tour? Yes, you will need to sign the liability waiver of the Budapest Segway Tours before the tour. Children aged between 10 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult to sign the waiver on their behalf.

How To Ride a Segway in Budapest?

How do I learn to drive a Segway in Budapest? Even if it’s your first time to use a Segway in Budapest, you don’t have to worry. Before the actual Budapest sightseeing tour begins, you will participate in a 20-30 minutes long orientation session on a big open square, where you will have plenty of […]